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After catching up on sleep, I walked around the neighbourhood a bit. I keep expecting NYC to end, and my city-sense is thrown off when I never see signs of that; the pizza places, hair salons, chinese food, and swarms of people just keep going. There's a nice coffeeshop around the corner to check out, and so much to see just in walking distance; I didn't make it to the park today, but hopefully will tomorrow. I also really like that the monthly passes start when you buy them rather than at the start of the month; the next time I drain my metro card switching to monthlies will be easy. I do lightly regret not being in Park Slope (where the non-east version of the street I'm on is located and where I thought I was going to be living); it feels nicer, with a younger crowd, more teahouses, and a somewhat less-grungy feel, but oh well. My commitment to this place is not long, and if I don't move into Manhattan I could move there.

I need to figure out how to build social ties here.

Practically all the instances of that common quip, "A, B, and C: Pick two" are bad reasoning; they only rarely illustrate natural tensions between the features, and more often are simple demonstrations of how adding requirements narrows a search space. Still, doing it properly isn't that pithy.

Right now, enjoying the feeling of feeling really tired.