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Balancing the Ox-Cart

The best way to care for any movement in which we take part, and any cause with which we associate, is to continue to think skeptically about the language used, the values expressed, and the actions that are common to that cause and movement, and to offer criticism when needed both inside the movement and outside of it. This is one important check that helps keeps any movement honest, healthy, and serving its cause. We reject calls to eschew robust internal criticism in the name of loyalty; the only loyalty worth having is loyalty to a cause, and that loyalty is not a social event; we trust that a movement worth continuing will not reject those committed to their cause and style-of-means, and that if we are rejected in such a manner, either we have made a mistake or they have mistaken their movement for the cause it serves and have lost some legitimacy. We should not be eager to splinter groups, but we should be willing.