Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Next Steps

U-Haul is allocated, will be picking it up tomorrow and trying to shove all my worldly posessions into it, cats included, for a one-way trip. If that doesn't work, I'll come back for a second trip. It's very handy that PHL-NYC is about 2 hours by car. The route I'm likely to take will also get me onto Staten Island for the first time in my life (it also avoids most of the Jersey Turnpijk).

It feels wasteful that the old apartment will sit mostly vacant for almost a month, but such is life.

This Friday I'm going to a bit of the Left Forum. I won't say that it's further left than I am, but I will say that it looks to be less technocratic and a lot crazier and full of bullshit than I am (You can disagree with any of that, of course). It promises to be interesting though, and I'm sure I'll meet some people. It's going to take some effort to weave myself into intellectual life in NYC, and getting the right mix of left-wing advocacy, transhumanism, policy-wonk technocracy, and general geek intellectualism will take some doing. At least the weather's nice; that's often had a lot to do with how much emotional energy I have to spend on anything. I'm not a very social person and I have very strong social needs; reconciling these has never been simple.


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