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The wheels on the moving van go...

Moving was a bit of an adventure. Enough of my apartment is now here, and it's set up enough, that it feels like a homebase and my old place an abandoned campsite. Not everything is here, and I'll need to MegaBus back and oneway-rent a van (not a truck, thank goodness) for what remains, but things are civilised here. Computers are where they will be but not wired, desk is set up, art is laid out.

The move:UHaul gave me a slightly larger truck than I asked for; they usually seem to do this. They also gave me some free miles, which proved to be very useful; I dropped it off in Brookljn with about 10 miles to spare before per-mile costs kicked in.

The truck was in a part of Haverford I've rarely been to; the heart of it (that's fairly distant from the Mainline). It's not stripmall/yuppie like the main road, rather the semi-industrial small town feel. It wasn't too depressing; there was a nice Indian buffet I passed on the way to U-Haul where I grabbed a very very fast buffet lunch (the waiter was kind of shocked).

I wasn't very ready when I got the truck, and paid for it with a 12 hour marathon of packing and truck-filling, highly uncool that I had to lug everything half a block to the nearest place I could park. While packing, I managed to cut open my forehead with an ill-conceived pointy bit on the cabinet; standing up too quickly. I got almost all the living room, but only a quarter of the books and practically none of the kitchen (plus about half the clothes). Had I had help and more time I probably could've packed it tighter, but around 7am I decided I'd rather not feed the meter (starts at 8) and that the truck was full enough and I was tired. Took a shower, grabbed the cats and the Wawa sandwich I bought the night before as a roadsnack (didn't end up eating it then), and hit the road.

It was a pleasant drive; Google maps doesn't seem to understand about turn restrictions on some roads in Haverford, so the start was a bit bumpy while I turned around by going around some blocks, and the cats started yowling not long after. My route thankfully kept me away from Camden; a gentle northeast path that eventually got me onto the Jersey Turnpijk. On my way there, I inadvertently used my secret ninja driving powers to get on the PA toll roads without getting a ticket, which earned me a pretty cool one-time-exemption-document and a lot of confusion. The place where I paid the toll had a fixed fare anyhow, so I don't understand why they had tickets anyhow, but...

NJ, as always, impressed me with how much road construction is always underway and how their roadsigns are like big-letter learn-to-read documents. Irritating that trucks pay more in tolls. On that topic, I really don't like driving UHauls; they handle poorly and I never get a good sense of the size of the vehicle. I'm always terrified I'm going to hit someone, and I generally drive a bit below the speed limit and get honked at. Maybe everybody's that way though.

Passed into NYC through Staten Island, which doesn't have much of a NYC feel to it (apart from the roadways, which have a distinctly NYC feel; I can't put my finger on what gives them that feel but it's unmistakable; it may be a general NY feel though, as I've never been to upstate NY). I was a bit shocked at a $28 charge at one tollway (cars were paying $12, I think) and didn't have enough money; I was expecting a ticket or something but the lady just waved me through when I asked about paying by credit card or being billed. Thanks! The bridges I took were all pretty amazing/scary, taking me far higher above ground level than a loaded U-Haul should ever go.

Once I got local, there was confusion as to what roads I'm allowed to take; some roads are "passenger vehicle only" (is the UHaul a passenger vehicle?), some non-commercial traffic only (also not sure about that one), and some did not allow trucks (clear on that one) so I mainly avoided some of the faster routes. Reached my place aroung 11am, moved stuff into my room as quickly as my tired arms let me (got help from some random delivery guy for the heaviest and last container), returned the truck, and ... walking around NYC with a Wawa bag with a sub clearly inside gets some Wawa fans kind of excited that maybe Wawa is back. Sorry. Eventally navigated trains back to my place, did a little more unpacking before my body did an executive veto on that, and fell asleep on my newly-unpacked bed, cats snuggled up.

The new place is a little bit too small; not way too small, but things are kind of tight (with the art and catstuff and boxes that might not become unpacked). I'm still unsure where I can put my bike. I don't know where my books will go once they're here.

My next place probably should be a little bit bigger than this, and if I can afford to I'll just hire movers to take care of everything (or get a lot of help). Also, my next place should not have pink walls.

Next trip to PHL probably shoud involve two separate days of downtime so I can visit both Mugshots and GoodKarma. OTOH, I guess I can go back anytime I want even once I no longer have a place there; the cities are well-linked and not distant from each other. It probably says a lot about me that I tend to think of visiting places rather than people, but when I think about visiting PGH (another direct megabus trip, but much longer) I also think primarily about places in the park, the BeeHive, Te Cafe, and walking around some of the urban areas.


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