Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Doogie Bag

I wonder if/how really enjoying 「Doogie Houser」 on TV affected my idea of what blogging is. I am pretty sure I didn't have it in mind consciously when I started blogging in undergrad, some 3119 posts and about ten years ago (the ten-year mark comes in a few months, actually), bit's reasonable to imagine a connection; Doogie's writings at the end of each episode were in a diary, but a lot of us early bloggers wern't yet using the term blog (the original version of my blogging software was a tiny bit of perl that wrapped some minimal HTML headers and footers around a textfile, copied it up to my server, and wrote a minimal index referencing all of that; pretty primitive compared to my current mod_perl+postgres platform).

Wondering if I should try to do something special for the 10-year anniversary of starting to blog. Given that I don't even celebrate my birthday, maybe not? I dunno.


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