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Today was fairly tiring, due to an unwisely late bedtime last night and an unwise decision to take NyQuil to help with my cough this morning; made it into the office at PartTimeJob, and almost fell asleep many times. On the way there, I realised that while I'm only part-time employed I should be spending a lot of time in the parks of NYC; there are preachers to argue with, people to watch, farmers markets to peruse, and relaxation to be had. As I've recently often been realising, the quality of my life will much improve if I spend more of it on things other than geeking out on electronic devices. So hard to break those time-wasting habits though.

After work, I swung by a local AmericanAtheists affiliated meetup group; that went about as expected, although it was good to meet a few people. I might attend the occasional odd event of their group, but I'll need to keep looking for a social circle (or three) to call home.

I'm geeking out over Göbekli Tepe again; I wish they had a use/need for people like me, because it's a worthy enough site that I would be happy to spend the rest of my life supporting it. We should have as much of a thirst to understand our origins through sites like this as to understand our nature through neuroscience research.

Today I had the fun experience of dashing between a train-just-arriving and a train-just-leaving; it felt a bit like a tricky move in a videogame, with the same exhilaration. It's weird to think about the linearised populations of trains and what they say about the neighbourhoods they serve as being akin to EKG as a neuroimaging technique; messy, strange encoding that still has a fair amount of pattern amidst the noise.

Not missing Philadelphia much, but I am still yearning for Pittsburgh. NYC is pretty rockin' though, and I'm still getting used to the idea that all the places I've ever visited here (that are still open, anyhow) are just a few rides away, plus enough new things to fill a lifetime. If it was this easy to find the Tea Lounge, who knows what other places the city has that I have yet to discover that I'll like just as much? I've still never even been to Queens and over my short time here I've passed more indian restaurants than I've probably ever seen in my life.

Looking forward to the Reason Rally in DC this weekend.


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