Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

State of Occupy

Today after work I did something I've been meaning to do for a long time; I went to Union Square and sat in the park for a bit. I was surprised to find that OWS has more-or-less kinda-sorta moved there, in a different form though. No tents, coexisting with existing(?) Union Square folk, and feeling less like a society and more like a large temporary gathering (if even that). In a sense this is a step backwards; one of the most interesting things about Occupy as I saw it was that it acted like a tiny civilisation, with infrastructure, known places (this is where the Such-and-such tent/committee is), known events, and the like. It was still interesting, and the people were quite varied, from topless women and breakdancers to activists. I had a few conversations; not as many as I would've liked, but better than none. Eventually joined SaraB and Akiva for dinner, and now relaxing at TeaLounge for a bit.

Thoughts keep circling the topic of the distance between people's projected notions of self and Weltanschauungen as analysed over big cities and smaller ones. Factors of analysis: "trying not to fight the tide" and the ability to self-select subsocieties. And, of course, the frustration people feel when the notion of self they push out isn't reflected in how the people around them see them; I generally think that desire is misguided, but it's also very understandable, and maybe most people need it among their closest friends (I've generally not had that luxury, but ...).

There was a fairly striking but not unexpected part of Occupy; I saw two guys almost get in a fight. One of them seemed reasonably sane, and had asserted that the other one had mismanaged and effectively stolen money that the organiastion had gathered for the homeless, and the other guy seemed kinda nuts and was going on about how he had been at Occupy every night for months and how he "owned" this park and had a lot of friends and status in the community while the other person was not so rooted so how dare he say anything against him. Some kind of primitive status-obsessed chestbeating going on with the second guy, I guess. Fortunately, a fight didn't start, but that kind of thing generally bugs me.

I'm not sure if I'm going to stay up tomorrow night and sleep on the ReasonRally bus or get just a bit of sleep; the bus leaves slightly before 4AM in Manhattan (and with train time and time to get on the bus figured in, I'll need to be leaving my place by 3AM). Hoping it'll be a fun day even given that 10 hours of it will be spent on a bus.


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