Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Castles made of Stolen Bricks

I'm making small progress in building social networks, and heading back to PHL later this week to get the rest of my stuff and mostly finish moving out.

It's going to be weird leaving NYC; I've been quite comfortable with this city being at least moderately awake at all hours, and having places I can go to get food anytime. The "can I ..." answered with "of course" is soothing, and transitioning back to "no" will be weird. Having a flexible sleep schedule is a luxury I came to appreciate in ColumbusOhio, where there are a number of 24 hour diners (I had a car back then) and a fantastic 24-hour coffeeshop near campus (now closed). Pittsburgh's lack of anyplace like that was a bit stifling (well, there is Eat'n'Park, but that's pretty much it unless you have a car and are willing to drive to King's, which is mostly the same thing). Philadelphia (even the city proper) also seems to mostly lack those options. I'm coming to really like NYC in the ways I thought I would; I'm comfortable here. For a Yankee city, it's surprisingly friendly too, and the cultures and languages rubbing shoulders all over the place produces a number of nice results. I am hoping that it won't be too hard, in a few years, for me to head somewhere else; I'm willing to change that plan if circumstances dictate (I fall in love with someone and move again for that reason, or do grad school outside the city, or we elect president someone truly insane), but I suspect NYC will be a difficult city to leave. Like Pittsburgh, really, but for entirely different reasons.

I would guess that stepping back into that husk of an apartment where I lived a mostly fairly lonely and disappointing 8 months would be weird, but the fact that it's massively defurnished now will probably help keep it less weird. I have not entirely decided if I want to drop off my keys with the apartment agency while there or not.

I'm not meeting a lot of people, but I've met at least small numbers so far; probably about as many as I can handle at once. I have a reasonable place not far from transit, on the same line as a fantastic teahouse, and I'm starting to absorb the broader train map. Things are going pretty decently, and tomorrow evening I expect to meet the members of another organisation (not sure if I'll stick around there; will figure it out). I also met someone through OkCupid; attractive, but things are looking more like a friendship, which I think is okay. I wouldn't be on the site if I wern't looking for love (for a lot of reasons, most important of which is it'd be rude to be on there if I had a partner), but right now I certainly won't reject friendships from it either. Given that most of my closest friendships have been with females (probably because I socialised mainly with my sisters when growing up and never really got the "male bonding" thing) and by habit I tend to find them easier to trust/understand (although that same thing easily tends to make me feel like a big brother to someone I'm attracted to rather than a potential date, le sigh), it's kind of handy this way.

On the other hand, I will definitely enjoy some Wawa while in PHL, and have structured the trip to provide time (Wednesday and maybe Thursday) to visit one or two of my favourite coffeeshops there.

I am starting to think about when I'll next be visiting Cleveland, Columbus, and Pittsburgh (I will probably not try to hit all 3 on the same trip).


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