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After the Broom

Back in Philadelphia, and chilling at Mugshots; it's a little kick to be able to look outside the window at the prison-castle across the street. On the bus ride over, while I was not napping I was thinking about titles to give cities where I've lived:

  • New York City, the city
  • Philadelphia, the city of architecture
  • Pittsburgh, the beautiful city of nature
  • Columbus, the giant tofu city
  • Cleveland, the city you try to live the right distance from
(I can't really say anything about DarienCT or DallasTX because I was too young when I moved away)

Unfortunately, I either left my MicroUSB-USB cable on the bus or at home; this is important enough a loss that I'm likely to buy a new one before I head to the old place in Haverfardmore. Otherwise I'll have no internet to amuse me tonight as I pack (unless I actually left the DSLmodem here, which I don't think I did, and besides I asked them to turn off the service); I probably should have a spare cable either way.

Since I've been gone, a prominent person from the Occupy movement was hired by Mugshots. That feels a bit weird to me; because he's one of those few people blessed with natural charisma and he's smart enough to make reasonable use of it, he was running a lot of the show at occupy; it's to the credit of the movement that it was still more democratic than that might imply; I think OccupyPHL actually managed to get the balance perfectly right (no small achievement) between leadership and democracy, at least for a group that was trying to do what it was trying to do. It's still a rule of nature that strong charisma of the right kind will make us instinctually follow some people (not saying I approve or disapprove of this; I've felt it though, and having experienced that has led to a lot of nonconclusive introspection because it's such a difficult thing to analyse).

Decided not to join that rationalist group after all, but I've had a few small conversations with people there anyhow. I've never had a very solid definition of rationality before (if anything, it'd be a nondifferentiated subordinate concept to my notions of self-improvement), but in trying to find good ways to explain my objection to its centrality in Eliezer's thought, I'm edging a bit closer to my own concepts; it's still not foundational in the sense that it is in the LessWrong sense, or praxeology in the sense of Objectivism; it's more like a joint primary key, but holding it that way means that I can develop it without threatening the concepts with which it needs to coexist.

Oh yesssss Tempeh sandwiches are great.


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