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I'm not too bothered by the weather being bad again for the weekend - all it really took to end my winter mopeitude was a few days plus knowledge that winter is mostly over. Now if I can just survive the nasty migraines I've been having for the last few days.. Things actually are going pretty well. I had a good phone conversation with Charles yesterday (we haven't talked for years) - emotional spring cleaning is good to do every so often. I tried to do the same with Nicole, but apparently that's not going to happen. Eh.

When arguing with survivalist-type people (OMG society is falling! Invest in gold and run for remote hills!), I've come across two general types - the first seem to see a coming apocalypse as a chance to become rulers of some sort, selling needed supplies in return for a new type of slavery, and the second seem to just want to sit back and watch people die, content with their 17 kids and distant farm. I think what most of these people don't realise is that a lot of people will realise how obnoxious both groups are and even if society would collapse and a lot of people would die, those people would probably find the survivalists and make sure they go down with them, whether they're "playing fair" by some set of laws or contracts or not... Personally, I intensely dislike survivalism as a philosophy because, given the situation they fetishise on (plausable or not), civilisation will be at its time of greatest need and they plan to do nothing to help. Even if we imagine a certain amount of disaster and death as inevitable, the transition could certainly be managed to reduce damage beyond that and limit any fall. In such cases, the last thing we need is people taking resources away or vieing to become warlords.

This weekend is actually starting well - I got some BLOG programming done, and will probably make a trip to get some more socks from REI and find a new bathrobe somewhere. I'm also birdsitting for a friend, which is kind of fun.

To test that BLOG programming,


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