Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

NYC Move End

Despite a last day to my wrapping-up-moving trip being a day later than desired, I am now entirely moved to NYC, I no longer have keys to my former place in PHL, and I brought a small stash of Wawa subs with me.

The final packing was exhausting (but not as bad for this trip as the last), and involved an unexpected opening of a new bank account (PNC only has 1 branch in NYC, so I figured it's time to do some financial replumbing). The drive was okay. This time I got a photo of the beautiful-but-smelly mystery factories in NJ near NYC, and was amused at a traffic jam I had to wait through; initially I thought it was caused by really terrible tollbooth design, but it turns out the tollbooths were fine, the problem was that there was an emergent order in how lines were being formed that was red-spot-on-mars-like, and it was also wrong; one or two more lines than there were places to pay, causing very slow angry merging at points where the lines finally realised that the way people were waiting in line was not going to work for actually passing the gates. Kind of funny, that. Emergent failed order.

Bluetooth earphone is still taking some getting used-to, but is a definite plus, particularly as the NexusOne's builtin mic is fairly poor.

There's some weird emotional/identity stuff going on in my head; I am now unambiguously living in NYC. Huh. Also, I have had a yearning to be near chickens recently.


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