Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Farewell to Reagan

In my haste to leave the apartment last week, I left behind a lot of silverware and a large banner of Ronald Reagan that's been part of a silly and small personal tradition for me; I found it ages ago back when I was living in ColumbusOhio (details are kind of fuzzy at this point), and ever since then it's been a hilarious thing in my bathroom; I've hung him (or leaned him on a wall on top of the toilet, or similar) upside down when Democrats have the US presidency, and rightside up when Republicans have it. It doesn't have a lot of personal meaning (I think Reagan was a terrible president and almost certainly would not have liked him personally), I just thought it was amusing to have a grinning Reagan in a cowboy hat looking down as people use the restroom. Like all traditions, what started as a quirk became a bit treasured simply because it had been done for so long. Oh well, my Reagan is gone.

As expected (sigh), my last landlords called and told me there were (cat-created, primarily) damages to the apartment. Not looking forward to paying for that. Bastard cats. I'm hoping it's just a few hundred rather than a few thousand's worth. That apartment was a pretty great place to live; not as nice as my favourite location, 「97A W. Northwood Avenue, Columbus OH」, but very nice. I hate leaving behind a string of unhappy landlords everytime I move; I'm learning to keep the cat damages contained better now though. The most recent decision, to always use an open-top cat litter box so I am forced to notice and clean up the cat litter more frequently (rather than put it off because of the mini-cave things) eliminated the worst of the miseliminations, but the damage was already done in my last place. Hopefully never again. Of course, when my current cats wear out I probably won't get new ones, but until then I need to find ways to make them more positive in my life rather than just net-positive.


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