Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Treading on Ashes

Yesterday I had one of the longest migraines I've had in my life; not the most intense (by a wide measure), but it went for about 14 hours, ranging from "this hurts a lot but I should do other things and try to distract myself from it and let's drink overly hot tea" to the thrashing and camping out in a hot shower using the hottest water I can get to lessen the pain in my head. I'm feeling kind of robbed, in that while at some point I passed out or fell asleep and woke up this morning largely migraine-free, I'm still feeling very off, have a bit of continued aura and nausea and persperation, and am worried that I might go back into migraine-land. Not fair! I am supposed to have a post-migraine high.

I'm especially grumbly because I was supposed to do important things at work yesterday, and I also had a nice day planned of napping in the park and reading planned after that; only now am I starting to get the focus needed to do work things, but I'm actually feeling like I might be sick, which is a pretty rare occurence for me.

Spent the morning at the Brooklyn DMV getting my driver's license transferred (Which is not in itself a high priority, but I want the city to know I'm here for voting and tax purposes, and I think the driver's license thing does those too). I almost felt like I was cheating at life playing a videogame while waiting in line while everyone else looked bored out of their skulls.

I might actually grab a meal with my father the next time he's in town; still not at all happy with him, but my mom has been nagging me about this not-talking-with-him thing for the last few months.


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