Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Park Place

Today's cleaning of the park was pretty fun; it was pretty exhausting (although part of this may have been the enthusiasm with which I embraced the tasks). We uprooted two large fences, yanked large posts out of the ground, and then used shovels and brooms to clear dirt from the sides of the road (often removing misplaced plants). This kind of thing happens all the time in Prospect Park, according to the volunteer coordinator; they get all sorts of groups putting in time. The group I was in was organised by the Center for Inquiry (a vaguely Secular Humanist group, I believe).

Met a few people, not sure if I clicked with any of them, but it'll probably take a few meetings to find that out.

I have a lit of places to check out for the coming weeks, and thanks to Meetup (sigh), I have a reasonably full set of options for my social calendar in weeks to come. I still want to find a few mom'n'pop restaurants to fill the role that Taza 21 filled for me in Pgh; regular places to get a cheap, healthy, tasty meal. That might take a bit more doing.

I still have the unknown fees for repairing cat damage for my last apartment hanging over my head, but I'm generally doing alright; still lonely, but not feeling hopeless, and I'm definitely carving out the paths I need for my less-social-but-still-in-public moods. It's possible that once I have a few friends, things might work out really well here.


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