Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Negotiated Music

Last night, while walking fairly late at night through my neighbourhood, I heard what seemed to be a neat bit of street percussion; I kept walking, but eventually turned my head because it was pretty interesting and maybe deserved a clap, and it turned out to be a bunch of kids running in front of a building that just happened to direct all the sound nicely at me; no intended beat, just accidental music for someone who happened to be in the right place, namely me and a few people following me on the sidewalk.

Today, on my ride home from the bike shop (yay biking in Prospect Park), I heard the sound of a semibroken reflector on one of my bike wheels tap the side of my bike frame in another rhythmic way, and had a bike-daydream (I get these all the time; part of my brain does the mundane task of driving/walking/running/eating food/ordering food/rote conversations, and another part goes off to daydream) of trying to express repetition in music through series of gears; it felt like programming in LISP mixed with writing polymorphic viruses in assembly, oddly; trying to hold the vision of what behaviour we want (in this case, the finished song) while factoring it into a physical object, using those pokey-up-bits in a musicbox combined with inter-gear connections for delegation (and "ghosting" of wheels for offset-choruses), which is now beginning to make me feel that I was doing the lower-end of reaching towards Hofstadter's analysis of some Bach pieces.

Anyhow, fun bike-daydream. Also, biking in NYC is totally intense. It might be even more intense in Manhattan, but having just given Brooklijn a go that's pretty wild.


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