Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Blog Reworking

Sometime over the next few days I'll be splitting my personal life into a separate blog, and devoting this blog to philosophy, current events, and ideas. I'll be trying for a higher quality and a slightly higher brow for the future of this one, and will be more comfortable narrating my life (largely to remember it) on the other one. The LJ sync will follow this (future non-personal) blog (it would not be hard, given that I wrote all the software involved, to have the LJ include both, but I'd like them to be entirely separate). When I finish replumbing (and decide where and if to sync my personal blogging somewhere), I'll do a post on that.

To whatever extent I can disclaim the normal social graces that might have you reading my blog out of some feeling of social obligation or being too polite to leave, I do. I might be curious if there were anything in particular I said that had you go, or if it's just not your cup of tea, but if you want out, just go. There are a few of you who've seen posts others haven't, either because I know you've read enough philosophy to know what I'm talking about, or because I need to vent emotions and only feel safe with a few ears, or some other content/reason; I've never been sure if that was welcome or not, I just did it. There won't be more of that on this blog, and I don't know if/how I'll have that in the future.

I probably won't purge old entries. The search engines know them and occasionally I've gotten emails about their content. I might try to split the personal out of the other stuff in them, perhaps, but each blogpost is a memory and there are quite a lot of them; changing them might feel wrong. I might try to postmirror this blog ("dachte") to a few more places; dachte has never been my handle (my online handle has generally been "Improv" for many years, named after the old Lotus Spreadsheet for NeXTStep), I've generally thought of it as a place. (Some of my use of it, as an AIM handle, has not been entirely consistent with this)

A few of the people I read seem to have separate semi-professional or professional blogs, and that's probably a good sign. My one hope with this is that I don't avoid posting about things that fall between the cracks between my personal life/mental state and philosophy; one of the big points I've hoped has come across in my years of blogging is that philosophy is a human endeavour, tied to almost every aspect of life. The practice of philosophy is not one that (should) alienate one from human nature (although excessive self-awareness might); it's one that illuminates it, drawing on values and ideas that come from life experiences. If, for example, I were to grab on the topic above and do an entry on names for virtual things (like "dachte" versus "Improv") and identities, their relationship to imaginary friends, and things of that sort, would that be philosophy or would it be personal? Rather, would it be better thought of as being more of one or more of the other? Providing food for thoughts and acting as a kind of philosophical Marja-i Taqlid (maybe more as a list of cool things to look up and potential thoughts to take), done mutually between a lot of thinkers, should be breathtakingly eye-opening for everyone involved (or watching). But that's just a concern, and I'll deal with it.

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