Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Access to Discourse

Extracted from another conversation; reposted here because it helps explain some of my positions, and elaborated a bit:

I prefer to end the exclusivity in use of terms and tools of communication by powerful groups, so everyone can have them and their power diminishes; the activism flavours I oppose prefer to restrict/end the terms/tools themselves.

I don't oppose cultural content that objectifies, sexually, as-workers, or in other ways. Balanced properly, objectification is fine. Problems emerge when the objectification makes it harder to recall the humanity of actual people we interact with in the workplace or in our private lives; if we think of call center workers as "human resources" and jam them all into a tiny room to make cold calls all day, we do them wrong. If we draw a lesson from watching objectifying porn that women should not be taken seriously as people or that they're just sexual toys for men, that's unacceptable. Otherwise, objectify away, and be prepare to be objectified in turn. Feel free to joke, and be prepared to be the butt of jokes. Feel free to offend, and be prepared to be offended. So long as it's roughly equal-access, it's not oppression. If it is oppression, make it equal-access, don't take it away. There is too much comfort, too much culture, and too much management of steam at stake to try to lessen or kill this stuff.


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