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Powershell and talking to running apps

I am committed to Unix, but sometimes I worry that the development culture we have is leading us to fall behind on some important fronts. We have a great commandline (and OSX, being a Unix, shares ours), but it looks like PowerShell might be pulling ahead of us in its ability to talk to running apps. In theory we could fix this; KDE apps generally have this capability, and some non-KDE apps (like firefox and GIMP) have a limited command-ability via scripts, but that's not good enough; it's not competitive with the Windows PowerShell infrastructure at this point, and I'm not sure how we can fix it. In theory we have three frameworks that might be an adequate foundation for what we need; KDE-dcop, GNOME Bonobo, and GNOME D-Bus. Are they good enough? How can we make their use for this as common as PowerShell's snap-in infrastructure?



My understanding is that D-Bus goes far beyond Gnome and is taking over, while DCOP is deprecated in favor of D-Bus.

Which is a little sad to me, since I actually learned how to work with DCOP a while back, and haven't had a chance to learn anything about D-Bus.
I hope this gets pushed hard enough that most apps can be scripted via DBus. It wouldn't do to be passed up by Windows.