Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Addendum to TAM matter

Some things I missed when writing last night's entry that taled about TAM:

  • Before writing his polite reply to RWatson, Dawkins write another reply that made fun of her concerns. As much as I might appreciate that kind of reply in other contexts, I don't think it was appropriate given the context; it trivialised the concerns that led RWatson to make her initial post, and even though I don't think the normative part of her post was something people should necessarily agree to, her concerns are valid.
  • I'm thinking that the context of being on an elevator might make any attempt at flirting (or even an honest request to meet up and talk more, which this might or might not have been) much more uncomfortable; I don't think I'd want to hear a sales pitch on an elevator either, and it'd be much more obnoxious to hear a Jesus-freak peddling their delusions in cramped quarters or to have someone play music from a boombox in such an environment. I'm not quite willing to say that flirting or request-to-talk shouldn't happen at all in such an environment, but if it's to be done it should be done with sensitivity to these concerns.

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