Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

NYC2007 Trip

Vacation coming up!


  • 28 March (Wednesday)
    • Rent car, leave in evening for NYC
    • Sleep at rest stops or in some small town along the way
  • 29 March (Thursday)
    • Arrive NYC, check into hotel and find place to park car
    • Wander around, no solid plans yet
    • Pirates of Penzance at 19:30
    • Back to hotel to change
    • Clubbing of some sort, hopefully
    • Sleep in hotel
  • 30 March (Friday)
    • Hang out in NYC if I wake up in time
    • Sometime between noon and 15:, retrieve car, two hour drive to Philly
    • Check in at hotel for start of KOL meetup
    • 18:-23: - Mall trip
  • 31 March (Saturday)
    • 14: - Mütter museum
    • 17: - Group searching for food
    • 21: - Back to hotel, hang out
  • 1 April (Sunday)
    • 12: - New Hope (whatever that is)
    • 14: - Probably start driving home at this point (open to interesting stops on the way back)


  • I should find out what "New Hope" is before booking the hotel room - if it doesn't interest me I'll leave Saturday night instead and drive home in the dark (which I'd prefer to do anyhow)
  • I should decide if I'm driving straight back or if there are any places between Philly and Pittsburgh that I want to stop.
  • I need to find out if any people I used to know (who I liked) ended up in NYC.
  • For fairly obvious reasons, I probably won't be offering a ride on the way there, but if anyone else is going to the KOL meetup and wants a ride back (and will be happy whether I leave on Saturday night or Sunday afternoon) and/or wants to share a room in the hotel in Philly, that'd be spiffy.
  • I don't know where I'll be clubbing in NYC on Thursday night - Albion is unfortunately closed. Suggestions would be very welcome - Goth/Industrial is what I'm looking for.
Update: Unless any other idea hops out at me, I'll probably be staying at the craptastic Aladdin Hotel while in NYC. Shared restrooms, a cost about $40/night, crazy coloured walls and a bulletproof cage for the check-in area. Hopefully it's the same as I remember it :) I never really minded hotels that are a dive, but when one goes beyond dive into "psychotically inspired", it matches well with the sense of weirdness that goth clubs tend to have. P.S. please help me find a goth/industrial club in NYC to go to! I might even get some stuff to dress up in..

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