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Two PSAs which are more reminder than anything else (crossposted across these sites):1) This is one of four places I primarily express myself, each serving a distinct role. If you're interested in seeing more of my writings, you can follow the rest, and if you're only subscribed to them because of politeness or have lost interest, unsubscribe and I won't be offended.

2) I am looking for a cool job in a tech company that's doing interesting things. I'm a systems programmer with broad scientific interests (see http://dachte.org/resume.html for my resume) and I live in NYC. If you work at Google or Twitter and want to nudge recruiters to give me a look, that'd be appreciated. If you work elsewhere and are willing to nudge your employer to give me a look, drop me a note first to make sure I'm interested and I'd be really grateful for the help.