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Weird thought. Possibly mildly disgusting.

I wonder if at some point we'll make buildings out of flesh. It seems like the thermal, sealing, and self-repairing properties would make it an excellent material if it could be managed. I suppose there's the danger of it dying though, or becoming infected. Plus it might need to be "fed" in some manner.


ah yes, good old organic technology.

i imagine you're thinking of growing them with some similar process as vat meat. i wonder how big of an obstacle aesthetics would be -- i may be wrong, but i feel like it's always the alien race that has organic tech, not the humans.
I don't have time at the moment to provide a reference, sorry, but buildings out of living trees are already in existence. I imagine plants are a lot better at being strong (both carrying loads and resisting infections) than animals are.
Also, aren't plants more likely to be sessile than meat-beings are? Hmm. Barnacle. Barnacle tabernacle.

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