Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

From a Trailer

Just saw a trailer from Breitbart's film on Occupy; I knew I wasn't likely to like it, given Breitbart's troubled relationship with the truth and my past involvement with Occupy. As far as I can tell from the trailer and the reviews, he's aiming a bit south of Michael Moore in terms of fairness and southward yet in terms of accuracy. There's potrayal of factions (particularly the senseless violence from certain kinds of anarchism) as representing the all, and the idea that anarchism effectively defines the movement; there is some founder's privilege there in that the rules for facilitisation come from anarchist communities in practice, and there are charismatic people, but that doesn't amount to leadership; anyone could talk, and anyone who can inspire or ask questions or join a working group could shape decisions.

I am most amused though by something I can't decide is a misunderstanding of how the TeaParty is perceived in mainstream media or is targeting Breitbart's preferred audience; insults by the Democratic Party to the Tea Party are highlighted as if they're a devastating insult to the Dems.

I'm almost inclined to see the film out of curiosity, but I'm even less inclined to financially support those like Breitbart than those like Moore.


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