Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Hand Down the Drain

I like the idea behind the Whitehouse petitions site, but am amused/disappointed how terrible most of the current suggestions are. My impression is that the average voter is not that good at critical thinking and pretty badly-informed (although my recent experiences voting lead me to good conversations with people in my voting district whose only immediately visible bad mental-judgement is that they're religious; they spoke foreign languages and knew history and all). Maybe the take-home lesson is that the quality of people on these topics is highly variable.

Top 10 suggestions at this point:

  1. Mandatory labelling of GMO foods - Shrug
  2. Outlaw mockery of Yeshua/Mohammad/Musa and other religious figures - Ugh, no
  3. Remove monuments in the US made of "comfort Women" - Based on some kind of historical revisionism? Foreign astroturfing? No
  4. Require free access to journal articles for publicly funded research - Sure.
  5. Let Texas peacefully leave the Union - No. Bad idea, and worse reasons. Based on bad economics too. This is part of a big series of these.
  6. Support Japan in some island territorial dispute - More foreign astroturfing? Not our job to do politics over this.
  7. Ban regulation on expensive cigars - Haha. Based on bad science and a folksy story. No
  8. Support some extra investigation of Polish crash - Conspiracy nuts. No
  9. Another bit of historical revisionism on comfort women on behalf of pro-japan folk.
  10. US should take care of Chagossians (?) - Based on claims of an actual historical injustice that I've never heard of. Need to learn more about this.
Things get more amusing from there on down, as they're petitions with fewer votes and mostly more moonbats supporting them.

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