Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Zooming Out

With the most recent conflict involving Israel and Gaza, I find my attention unwillingly returning to the area, but find the task of judging particular conflicts harder than it ever was for me before. The context of each side's grievances and responses is enough to make it impossible for me to wholly condemn either side for the events that happen; the systemic abuses inherent in Israeli policy leave few in-system responses possible for the Palestinians, and the responses to these policies necessarily being violent leave very little room for trust or goodwill needed to embrace what really needs to happen; a one-state solution. Kidnappings, murders, closing of borders, efforts to economically squeeze the other side, none of these are entirely treif or kosher, haram or halal, by any decent ethical standard anyway. If we could get rid of the idea of Israel being an ethnic homeland and end the idea of driving Israel entirely from the area, end both the law of return and the claimed right of return, and see serious efforts at equalising the economic and legal status of both peoples while integrating them into one society, we might see progress. Otherwise, I don't see it happening. At this point, I refuse to condemn the violence any more than I condemn the oppression, but I want both to end, and I am saddenned by both. The narratives of those who can manage to choose a side have all disappointed me.

Tags: israel, politics

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