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Science and Philosophy and Free Wont

The Analytic and Continental traditions in western philosophy are not entirely distinct, nor are either monolithic; while the analytic may stress clarity and structure and the continental with ways of life and foundations, this classification is only an approximation, and one of many that approximates a division is stronger when mapping philosophical genotypes than expressed traits. The analytics have traditionally staked a stronger claim to science; incorrectly, I think, although the relationship between science-as-natural-philosophy and other areas of philosophy have a number of conceptions depending on the subschool of philosophy. I hold that strict materialism and empiricism are compatible with subjectivity and the broad continental programme, and lay out my preferred frameworks in each (without argument, as I think these positions sit on axioms or things near them that are both difficult to unseat and are competing with other theories that are likewise difficult to unseat; except in rare cases one is left making aesthetic arguments between them as each is reasonably consistent).

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