Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Madness Passenger

I think of cats, one sits beside me on top of the covers I am beneath. She sits on fabric, encased in this box of cement and wood in the increasingly artificial city we live in. Along, as it were, for the ride. When we had straw beds or wooden houses, the cats and dogs were there. Less comfortable? More? Did they understand what we're aiming for in our creature comforts? Will they be bettered three centuries from now? Will they accompany us to space?

They crossed the Rubricon we did; apes discard their adult form for a new one; cats and dogs did as well. We took them along from nature into whatever we're building. I feel a painful distance from something I am not old enough to know, but at least we arn't walking away from it alone.


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