Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Fork-Spoon Mentality

Older people that I've met tend to have more of a "keep up with the world" goal, while youger people tend to have more of an "understand the world" goal - the first tends to systematise less, either because a system is assumed or people have given up on integrating the world into a grand system - it is generally further from political philosophy, while the latter tends to consist of trying on various grand narratives or systems (depending on whether one is more inspired by continental or analytical philosophy). In philosophy of science, framework shifts (a la Kuhn) tend to occur late in the life of a framework after significant problems have been acquired and patched over - until deviance between the current framework and the ideal framework grows important enough, I think there's an economy in not re-basing the entire community. I suspect that these are similar ideas, even if most people never reach the age (or become of infirm mind or timid disposition) where they would rework their Weltanschauung.

Speaking of Kuhn's book, if any of you are borrowing my copy of Structure of Scientific Revolutions, if you could finish it up and return it to me, that'd be great -- I'd like to reread it.

For anyone who's going to be in Pittsburgh come September, Rage of the Stage (who put on the twisted play interpretations of Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood) are looking for a cast for a Dracula play they're putting together for September. It's unpaid, auditions start in May, contact for more info. I expect it to be at least moderately risqué, and fairly heavily awesome.


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