Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

With Changed Preferences

I visited my parents last weekend, on a nice cheap and fast flight from LGA to CLE. While there, my mum ordered me a gift; comfy hiking socks from REI. When I was younger, I probably would've found it very boring. Nowadays, I am very happy with a gift like that. I'm trying to understand the shift in my priorities and situation that make that possible.

Part of it is probably that, not being employed and having been unemployed or underemployed for a good while now, I've been saving money for a bit. Part of it is that I've become a bit disenchanted with tech toys, at least partly because I have almost everything I want (except for a cellphone; mine is dying), and I probably wouldn't do a lot differently if I had a tech budget. I have enough books, I live in a neighbourhood where food is cheap. I thin I'm also coming to appreciate creature comforts a bit more. I'm not sure if this is because a body in its mid-30s is more fussy than one in its teens or 20s, if I'm more contemplative (probably not by a lot; quiet thought has been part of my life for most of it), or if I just feel sensations more strongly. I still don't get anything out of comfortable beds.

I suspect that whatever the explanation is, it's probably the same with most bodies as humans age.


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