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Interactive Friction

Recently I've been doing a bit more old-school gaming. In particular, I dug out the sources for a roguelike called Pernband/ToME that I used to contribute to and have been playing that (the 2.x version, which I actually recently submitted a patch for to fix something that got broken in its now eternal-maintenance; there's a 4.x complete rewrite that mainly looks very weird and might not be a roguelike anymore).

I wrote a Zorklike interpreter for Android (well, up to the level where I can walk around and see room descriptions) and wrote a world that's a parody of a neighbourhood of Brooklyn (Park Slope) for it. Recently I decided to adapt a book I've always enjoyed, GK Chesterton's "The Man Who Was Thursday", into a Zorklike; I've been rereading it with an eye to locations, actors, and plot. I'm not sure if it'll be a strict, straight, or comedic interpretation yet; I'll have to see whether I can resist comedy. I might try to go surreal instead though; that might be the best way to do justice to the topics. Incidentally, if you have never read the book, it's really worth reading (despite being unfortunately popular with the kind of people who enjoy CS Lewis). The book is now in public domain and is readily available from many sources.

I was reminded again of Plotkin's scale of Zorklike cruelty, and many of the games from my childhood were proudly "nasty". I know the modern Zorklike community might frown on that nowadays, but stuff the whole lot of them. (Not trying to be HHGTTG-hard though)

Still looking for work.