Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

AlJ should be more careful

I'm a bit disappointed in this AlJ story summary; it's dipping into uninformed sensationalism, in that it aims for a kneejerk reaction to a story that's not borne by the facts.

The title of the article is: "ex-girlfriend target bleeds when shot", showing a picture of a bleeding doll.

Obviously, were this an accurate summary, we'd be right to be very unhappy about this; it'd amount to promotion of domestic abuse. Kinda. Anyhow....

That's not actually what's going on. I followed a link to @zombieind (Twitter) to figure out what kind of press they were getting for this (shown at an NRA show, generally not a good sign for decency of a company), and from there I visited their website and found the actual product and a wide variety of other targets.

They're zombies and vicious animals. Their whole schtick is to imagine a world where many people have been zombified and you need to shoot them, and need to fend off wild animals too. We're not talking domestic abuse here. We're hooking into a genre where people frequently have to deal with turned loved-ones (and not-so-loved-ones) who have become dangerous. Which brings me to the conclusion that while the company is pretty weird and maybe a bit creepy, they're generally ok. And that Al Jazeera screwed up.


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