Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Recently, Boy Scouts has been in the news; they finally appeal to be removing their ban on gay youth in their organisation, although leaders still must be straight. I've been unhappy with BSA for quite some time; my experiences with the organisation were fairly mixed and I've come to dislike portions of their messages. Having 3 younger sisters and a mum who was involved in Girl Scouts, I had some experiences with them as well (some summers I went with my mum and sisters to a GSA camp). While they were occasionally a bit domestic, I think they generally have their heads on straighter than BSA, and their policies are in many aspects less objectionable.

I recently read this editorial by Erika Christakis: 「BSA has a lot to learn from GSA」 and I find myself entirely in agreement with it (which is fairly rare for me; I normally try to find at least a few things to criticise about any other position/article I cite, but I couldn't here). Kudos to her.

She links to an article by GSA titled 「What We Stand For」, and it's a good document too; the only thing I dislike in it is the emphasis on pushing patriotism; otherwise, it would make me comfortable sending a child of mine, were I ever to have one, to GS, in marked contrast to BS (where I have pledged not to do so unless BSA changes a lot).


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