Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Unplugging LJ

It's about time I pulled the plug on the LJ version of my blog:
1) I'm much more active on G+ than I am with general blogging. I post many times a day there, most days, and I get a lot more community engagement there
2) While I still occasionally do my own blogging, hosted on my own site as always and so far mirrored by that software I wrote to LJ, I don't think that mirroring is doing anything interesting for me anymore
3) The people I interacted with here are, with rare exceptions, people I no longer interact with. Some of them have bought into a liberal form of intolerance, either thanks to Kat or one of a handful of other SJ-warriors. Some I've just drifted apart from. Doesn't mean I've found a lot of new social ties in the years since I left Pittsburgh, or even the last years there, but rather that the old ones are mostly gone. The most recent times I've visited Pittsburgh I've had far fewer people to visit. Which is mostly okay, actually. I might be willing to reopen some doors if some of the people involved offer apologies (particularly for the ridiculous BS in #cslounge), but I don't expect that to happen; youth may be responsible for their problems, but people generally experience personal growth in a way where they bury their past mistakes, not atone for them. I've learned this lesson the hard way. (Note that this largely applies to people I knew via CMU/Pittsburgh; very few of the people from my pre-Pittsburgh times were people I interacted with on LJ, and none of this commentary applies to them)
4) I'm a bit uncomfortable with the Russian ownership of LJ given social and governmental aggression from Russia recently. There's more to say about this given things I've noticed with the site, but if you're still active on LJ you can probably find out more than I have with just a bit of research.
5) I almost never visit my friends page here anymore.

So, I'm going to disable the mirroring. I expect to keep posting frequently on G+, and occasionally posting on my blog, with shorter more living-live stuff on Twitter. If you're interested in any of that, follow me over there. If not, no worries. At this time, I don't expect to purge my old entries (no promises I won't ever decide to do that though, but then they're mostly available on my personal site anyhow so little content would be going away if I did). I will be trimming down my profile here though.

If any of you ever find yourself in NYC (or wherever I'm living at the time) and want to hang out, if we're on good terms, drop me a note at the time. Even if we're on bad terms, I'd still probably be willing to grab tea once, time permitting, *even* if you have some big conservative or liberal or libertarian or whatever analysis on how I'm a bad person for not agreeing with whatever goals you have for society. It'd be amusing, or at least I'd probably be willing to listen for a bit.


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