Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
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Lost 2 - Found

Good conversation
Giant poodle on the cut
Tax stuff in the mail

Hmm. Probably not the best haiku ever. The tax stuff is actually the yearly thing about social security (and other programmes) benefits. One of the really surprising things I noticed about the way those taxes work, according to the booklet, is that because one gets a maximum of four credits a year (one for each of the first N amount (varies per year, this year it's $1000) of dollars one earns up to $4000), doing part-time work on the side while I was in high school in retrospect was a fantastic idea. Over my jr and sr years of high school, I earned about $4500 and several credits towards being able to receive retirement benefits. I now regret not filling out the paperwork to get paid for one of the university jobs I took - it may have been too much of a bother for the money, but now that I'm thinking about leaving the country but still want to have earned enough credits to get retirement benefits, it would've helped. Right now I have 31 of 40 credits I need, which is a bit worrying - I wonder if I would have to do $4000 of contract work from abroad for a few years to qualify for retirement benefits if I move elsewhere. Fortunately, the ssa website suggests that work I do in some other countries may count, depending on treaty, doubly for the SSA and whatever that country uses.

The breadmaking party pictures turned out rather well. You can see my hip-hop street cred in action (I can just hear the "Oh no....!" in y'alls heads). The photographer seems like a pretty cool guy too - another russian nonobservant jewish guy. Also, Elise looks good in my hat. I'm irritated that Flickr makes it so hard to save the photos from their site. Yay greasemonkey.

I wish it wern't so bloody cold outside - I'm feeling energetic but I'm extremely reluctant to brave the cold (and snow -- WTF?!) for a jog.

I should hold a MST3k gathering at my place sometime - I suspect Pod People, Puma man, or Manos would be good to show. This weekend might be good.


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