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Misted Journeys

The mist was sparse, like marmite spread too thin on toast. Walking through the thin pockets, our leggings and cheeks collected the moisture as we walked through the wooded hills. Pair by pair, the occasional baby, elder, or lone kinsman walked in the line, people who looked like me, with similar disposition. As was our custom, I began an impromptu song for our wandering, the words materialising in my mind just in time for egress through my lips.

It was a bit of an odd dream, and as I woke up and looked at the clock, the hour and lightness were close enough that it took me a moment to recall that it was evening.

A few days ago, while heading home from work, I checked the used book seller in the Union, and came across a horrid little book called "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam". It was so full of pro-Christian-jingoist lies and distortions that I was inclined to buy it for amusement/horror, but the bookseller wanted $7 for it rather than $1-$2 (not the same bookseller as the guy I usually bought from). Google gives us this - a review on a "Conservative Book Club" site. I am amused how they justify the crusades based on the burning of a church in the middle east while mentioning Theo van Gogh's assassination - I could see people taking either stance (reader can fix-up this sentence's phrasing at their leisure), but considering both to be abominations of Islam takes some mental/value gynmastics. I don't want to pose myself as a great defender of Islam, and in fact have deep concerns about its spread in western society, but the book looked like an artifact of the alternate reality a lot of right-wing people live in that pretends that it and politically correct rubbish are the only things on the planet, disregarding scholarly understanding. Sigh. I'm sometimes bothered that my grandpa, ordinarily a really bright guy (inventor/engineer who made a very good living designing and building things out of his basement for well over 20 years), is so easily taken in by this crap. He's not a christian (spiritualist who's vaguely close to christianity), but he passes around stuff like this all the time.

This should be a pretty decent weekend - breakfast with Dmitriy tomorrow, after which we're going to Half-Price Books in the south hills. After that, I should be spending a bit of time at work reconfiguring a busted RAID, and then if I'm up for it an evening RHPS-related gathering. Sunday, depending on if enough people actually express interest, I might be hosting a MST3k/DrWho/RedDwarf/Gaming event at my place. Alternatively, I can sit around wonder what events (or reasons) conflict with a good time event at my place that mixes wine, cats, and amusements. Either way, fun!

Melotron's song "Gesindel" is darkwave music with a choral singing part in the middle. It's fantastic. Thinking about interesting combinations, I was thinking that some of the more beat-oriented darkwave might make an interesting mashup with Hip-hop - VNV Nation and Eminem might be particularly interesting to do, a la "Dean Grey".

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