Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Disposable Logic

He told me that logic and learning were optional, and truth was an inward journey. I nodded, and started to turn away, and he thumped me on the nose. "Not yet!", he said. I listened.

Afterwards, I asked him, "Why here? Why this framework?". "It's pretty nice. There's a lot of room, it has nice connections to other universes, reciprocal relationships to most other frames, and non-reciprocal extentions to other important ones. My head and the world can be fairly separate, and there's plenty of room for tricks with time and space." He spake for longer, but I had other things to absorb.

I've been having strange daydreams a lot recently, including the half-asleep ones where the thoughts are deeply stream of consiousness, which bugs the logical part of my brain into screaming that things do not make sense. Those, and more of the extension of my actual dreams (as above) into coherent-ish stories. I don't mind so much. This morning, I gave the migraine pills a first go - they kinda-sorta worked (although I want to give them a few more gos to distinguish the effects from what might've just been an ordinary migraine semi-remission). Half-price books was nice to browse - I just got two books (and Master of Orion 3 for dirtcheap), one of them a loan-replacement, but I really enjoyed browsing. Some of the antique books were kind of tempting - there was a Lutheran bible from shortly after the translation from Latin into German was complete that looked very pretty, but I neither wanted to spend the money nor take responsibility for preservation of such a work (not that I give particular respect to bibles, but this, like a piece of great art, would be a part of history). After some time at work, I swung by the gallery again - nobody has died of exhaustion and more nice dresses and pictures were made in the intervening hours. I love art shows.


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