Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Gaim to Pidgin

Due to legal threats from AOL, our beloved IM client GAIM is to become Pidgin. The 2.0 release will happen shortly as well.

In other news:

  • The last POG protest, which I regrettably missed, apparently was pretty exciting - according to POG's site, some officers got violent. POG is full of masters of provocation, and their summaries have as much spin as a laundromat, but they have a picture and there's usually at least a bit of truth to what they say. I really wish I had been there to see what happened. They've decided to play with fire by holding a "candlelight vigil" outside one of the officers' house on the 12th (I expect windows and such to be unofficially broken, and do *not* intend to go to this), and more reasonably will have another protest at that recruitment centre on the 14th.
  • US involvement with the opposition in Zimbabwe is now public. I don't know enough about Mugabe to know what I think of this - I am completely unbothered by his steps from democracy, and approve of the removal of privilege from the colonial settlers (in theory, at least), but his management seems to be having rather bad realworld effects. I'm a bit embarassed to not know more about him.
  • Malaysian bloggers are organising to prevent demonisation by the government. I see blogging as a type of glasnost that can really shake up a society - I can see how it might be scary to the government (although stopping it would at least be very difficult while having any internet)
  • Details on Iran's treatment of their captured British soldiers. Also interesting, near the bottom of the article, is the fact that the soldiers were "gathering intelligence on Iran during their patrols" - there's more to this event than is public, no doubt.
  • Neat site to look up lat and long by city.
  • Cornell University has Dear Uncle Erza, which is totally awesome.
  • Heh
On the topic of that standoff, I've always found the polls one finds on news sites to be hilarious in concept. It gets even better when they're not quite in sync with their news stories. See:


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