Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

New cuts and New threads

I have the first, and need the second..Testing new cut feature that I (hopefully) implemented correctly for POUND. In theory, this section will not be included in RSS/Atom feeds nor will it be in the "main" listing of my BLOG - it should only show on per-entry pages. I got the idea from LiveJournal, which calls it lj-cut. Of course, if I didn't get it right, by the time you see this, I probably will've debugged it, but there's at least a chance I got it right on the first go, no debugging needed. :)

I need to get some new pants sometime (again). I am amused that a few years ago I almost never wore anything but khakis, and now blue jeans are becoming a regular part of my attire - while they're still less comfortable than khakis, they're more durable and don't show off slight schmutz from pens or food like khakis tend to do - I guess that won out in the end.

Recently I've been listening to the Naqoyqatsi soundtrack - it reminds me a bit of the soundtrack to Waking Life - it's not tango, but I'm tempted to call it "Tango-Inspired". I've also recently been keen on a a CD I picked up (on whim) a few years ago with title and group both being Niyaz - it's poetry from Sufis as well as the famous Persian philosopher/poet Rumi set to mixed musical themes from Persian and Indian (I think Tamil - definitely not Bhangra) styles. It's pretty amazing stuff.


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